Virtual Assistant for E-Commerce Stores

E-commerce virtual assistant outsourcing allows you to set a strong tone at the top, prioritizing customer service and transparency in operations.

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What Services Does Remote CoWorker Offer?

Remote CoWorker understands the services that e-commerce businesses can benefit most from. This is why we proudly offer qualified outsourced talent in the following areas:

Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment
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Strong e-commerce businesses prioritize transparency in the order fulfillment process. From updating customers when their product ships to when it’s delivered, providing real-time updates to your customers can lead to positive reviews. An outsourced virtual assistant ensures that customers receive product updates and follows up with any issues experienced in the process.
Process Returns and Refunds
Process Returns and Refunds
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You won’t be able to please every customer. Having an e-commerce virtual assistant available to handle refunds and returns can promote a positive customer experience by applying credits timely or arranging exchanges. Not to mention infusing accuracy into your accounting function.
Customer Support
Customer Support
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The right customer support can turn a prospective customer into a purchasing customer and de-escalate negative situations. With technology at customers’ fingertips, they want quick and informative replies, not a “we’ll get back to you soon” message. A virtual assistant infuses a human connection into interactions with customers.
Inventory Management and Reorders
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Running out of inventory is a worst-case scenario for e-commerce businesses. With a virtual assistant, your business reduces the risk of inventory shortages, re-ordering quantities well before your business is put in a tough position.
Maintain CRM
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Managing your CRM can be a time-intensive process, which might not fit into your busy schedule. By outsourcing the function to a virtual assistant for e-commerce businesses, you can improve the relationships and interactions with potential and current customers.
Marketplace Listings
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Customers want to know about the product before they purchase it. This makes it vital to have comprehensive marketplace listings, especially on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Your virtual assistant can monitor these listings, updating them for new information or product changes.
Rewards & Certifications

We pride ourselves on being the best outsourcing company, and with that comes hard work, dedication, and commitment.

There has never been a better time to open an e-commerce store. More consumers are shifting to online shopping, international shipping is a viable option, and you can facilitate the entire process from a computer. Whether you are just getting your e-commerce business up and running or are growing faster than anticipated, it’s important that you have the proper backend support.

E-commerce Outsourcing

Why Outsource a Virtual Assistant for Your E-Commerce Store?

A majority of your e-commerce business is most likely remote, which makes it ideal for outsourced labor. Not only can you access global talent, but you can streamline your e-commerce business and make sure customers remain happy and satisfied.

Moreover, by outsourcing the virtual assistant position in your e-commerce business, you can leverage the people and technology needed to drive sales by upselling and cross-selling.

It can be difficult to branch out on your own; however, with the right virtual assistant handling mundane tasks, the possibilities are endless.

From quicker customer responses leading to better reviews to effective controls in place that promote scalability, your business can benefit from an outsourced virtual assistant.

Next Steps

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