Insurance Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

With a dependable team of outsourced virtual assistants, you can focus on lead generation and customer outreach when you know the backend of your business is running smoothly.

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Remote CoWorker’s Insurance Virtual Assistant Outsourced Services

The fast-moving nature of the insurance industry makes it important to have a team ready to go. Start building your team through the following virtual assistant outsourced positions:

Customer Support
Customer Support
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Insurance virtual assistants can handle both inbound and outbound customer support. This includes responding to insurance plan inquiries, answering questions, updating policies, telemarketing, upselling, and cross-selling. If you are able to give customers a positive experience with your agency, you are more likely to retain a lifetime customer that promotes your business through word-of-mouth advertising and positive reviews.
Billing and Payments Collection
Billing and Payments Collection
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Outsourced virtual assistants facilitate payment reminders and process payments, prioritizing the cash flow of your business. Strong controls in your billing and payment function reduce your risk of uncollected items. Sometimes customers just need a reminder.
Claims Processing
Claims Processing
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Reviewing and verifying claims can be a tedious process. This makes it a great task to outsource to a virtual insurance assistant. Your assistant can review each of the documents submitted for accuracy and completeness, allowing the claims process to flow smoothly.
Policy Issuance
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Creating new policies is another tedious task that involves reviewing documents, verifying information, organizing data, and following up on obsolete or missing information. Outsourcing this task to a virtual assistant allows you to issue accurate policies quicker.
Policy Management
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An insurance virtual assistant can handle all types of policy management, from endorsements and property policies to health and life insurance policies. If you are limited in your policy offerings due to a time constraint, an insurance virtual assistant can help your business scale with more options for customers.
Lead Generation
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When you are trying to grow your insurance business, you need to have leads to follow up on. A virtual assistant can provide leads in online skip tracing, social media profile searches, and through your website, allowing you to reach your full potential.
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Insurance Outsourcing

Reasons to outsource

Are you struggling to stay on top of claims processing and policy issuance? How about having difficulty finding leads and maintaining strong customer support? The insurance industry is fast paced, with customers expecting quick turnarounds on claims.

Not to mention the importance of billing and payment collection to keep your insurance business running. This is why many insurance companies are turning towards outsourced virtual assistants, spreading out the workload for improved efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Why Outsource an Insurance Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing an insurance virtual assistant has countless benefits for your agency beyond the cost advantages. Many insurance companies have newfound time and resources for other important areas of their business without sacrificing customer service.

In addition, outsourcing key functions of your insurance business gives you a solid foundation for growth. Without consistent billing procedures, regular payment collections, and effective customer support, it can be hard to reach growth goals.

Next Steps

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