Legal Virtual Assisting Outsourcing

Are you struggling to lower client costs, improve efficiency, or effectively balance your workload? These are a few of the problems countless law firms and attorneys face, trying to optimize operations while still maintaining profitability.

The solution might be to change your firm’s structural approach. Ten years ago, outsourcing labor wasn’t an option for law firms and attorneys. However, with advancements in technology, legal outsourcing is a viable option that can help you reach your operational and financial goals, all while reducing costs.

Why is the Legal Service Industry Suited for Outsourcing?

The legal service industry is a prime candidate for outsourcing. Legal process outsourcing is not a new concept for many law firms, with mundane tasks, like patent searches and document reviews, being outsourced for nearly half a century. Now, technology has taken outsourcing capabilities a step further, offering firms the ability to outsource most daily tasks.

The technology used to facilitate outsourcing capabilities is more secure, safeguarding the sensitive information of your business and clients. With experienced professionals around the world, your firm is no longer restricted to the talent in your geographic area. This can help expand your practice, level the workload, and save on stiff payroll taxes.

What Services Does Remote CoWorker Offer?

Remote CoWorker is your one-stop solution for all of your legal process outsourcing. We thoroughly vet candidates, ensuring they have the experience and knowledge your firm needs. Here are a few of the legal outsourcing services you can find on Remote CoWorker:

Legal Transcriptionist

A legal transcriptionist translates recorded audio into a written document. Having a human transcriptionist gives you access to accurate syntax and punctuation outside of what an AI transcriber program can provide.


If your practice is growing, you might need an extra set of hands. Passing a portion of your workload off to a paralegal ensures that your clients are receiving the proper due care without waiting weeks for a turnaround time.

Legal Secretary

Law firms need to keep accurate records at all times. Most of the documentation a practice receives is electronic. This makes it a great task to outsource to a legal secretary, keeping your records organized and complete.

Lawyer (Corporate, CPA, General Practitioner)

Outsourcing work to a lawyer is beneficial to have a new point of view on certain areas. For example, if you specialize in family law and want to expand, it can be beneficial to bring on an outsourced lawyer that has experience in corporate law.

Legal Assistant

Administrative work might be bogging down your time. Bringing on a legal virtual assistant can ease your administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on other value added areas.

Liaison Officer

A legal liaison officer plans, organizes, and coordinates practice activities. From maintaining your staff to monitoring clients, many firms benefit from outsourcing this position.

Intake Assistant

Another type of legal virtual assistant is an intake assistant, which facilitates new client inquiries. Responding to inquiries quickly and prioritizing customer service can lead to the growth of your firm.

Case Management Assistance

Whether you need industry-specific insight or overall help, outsourcing your case management assistance can be helpful. It can be difficult to manage every detail of a case on your own. By outsourcing this legal service, you are freeing up time in your busy schedule without compromising your cases.

Getting Started

Does it sound like you can benefit from legal virtual assisting outsourcing? If so, start your search for the perfect legal partner today. Contact one of our team members if you have any questions on how to get started.